Travel on the 4th of July out of New York.


We have been scouring the web for a couple of weeks looking for the best 4th of July deals.

1. Last-Minute Fourth of July Getaways from $89/Night

2. Liberty Travel 4th of July Deals

3. JetBlue Travel Deals

4. Caribbean Travel – Aruba – go to the Caribbean. Great deals. The N.Y. Times is promoting the caribbean so we thought we check it and then share it with our readers.

If you are willing to venture off the beaten path, you can discover the authentic side of this Dutch territory, and still have enough money to gamble away at the casinos. Be careful at the casino’s. In my experiences there I didnt even get the “first time winner” luck. I just lost all my money right away and quickly. Spend it elsewhere. Get something for your money.

4 of July Weddings

The pros and cons of having a 4th of July Wedding?

No one really works on fourth of july so everyone should be available to attend. The food can be simple and not come off as cheap. Burgers, Ribs and Franks. Why not, its festive. You can do more with less money. Having a wedding BBQ style as opposed to BIG expensive hall style is alot cheaper. Wedding favors can be fireworks types. I do believe that discount wedding dresses are available from some places on 4th of July as well.

Then, of course you can serve everything. Beer, wine, soda etc.


The last thing I mentioned in the Pros may actually turn to a Con in some cases. People overdoing it with their drinking and getting drunk. The picky people may not like the date that you picked. People need SOMETHING to complain about right? :) Some businesses may not be available to cater your event but that doesnt seem like the biggest obstacle. If its a scorcher on that day, you better be close to a pool and have pool passes.

Be sure to check out the fireworks section of our site

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